Starting with All-Natural Skincare

Heidi of Heidi Ella Wellness and Massage recently co-led a workshop on using all-natural skincare products that you can make at home. In this workshop, the attendees learned about nutrition for optimal skin health and the hidden ingredients in your average skincare products that contain (among other things) hormone disruptors, carcinogens and immune suppressing ingredients. She taught the group how to make a gentle oil-based skin cleanser, a refreshing facial toner and a rejuvenating skin moisturizer. These products contained only all-natural plant-based oils and no preservatives or harsh chemicals.

Oil-based skin cleanser? Homemade products? I was intrigued. How would this work? Was it cost effective? How long do the products last? I sat down with Heidi and asked her about her experience with switching to all-natural skincare.

Buying all-natural skincare products often turns people off because of the price. How does the process of buying the ingredients stack up to conventional skincare products one could get from the drugstore or a large chain store?

Making your own skincare products at home is a very economical alternative to buying ready-made products from a natural food store or website. The initial cost of getting the ingredients can seem expensive, but when you cost out each use it is as expensive as conventional skincare items. I recommend sharing the cost with a friend who is also interested in making their own all-natural skincare products. I found great prices for the oils needed on and through Mountain Rose Herbs. I found the recipes on Jenni Raincloud’s wonderful blog. There are many recipes for all skin-types.

The first thing that jumps out at me is “oil-based cleanser”. Cleaning with oil? How does that work? Does it work for oily skin?

Many people worry about the effectiveness of oil-based cleansers at first. But it is a “like with like” philosophy. The oil works to gently remove the skin’s own oils and impurities without stripping the skin like soap-based cleansers. You also gently massage the face for longer than a traditional cleanser. This helps to encourage the collagen in the skin to make the skin more elastic and supple. I am always amazed at how soft and rosy the skin is afterwards. The oil-based cleanser works for all types of skin: oily, dry, sensitive or combination.

Is there any caveats you would offer to someone looking to switch from conventional skincare products to all-natural?

Yes. The only one I would offer is that it may take time for the body to adjust to the new skincare routine. As with anything, the body’s reaction to soap-based cleansers and harsh chemical toners will be different than an oil-based cleanser and natural moisturizers. Your skin will need time to acclimate to the new products and learn to produce less oils/protective measures. If you notice a change, be patient and continue using the product for at least a week. For others the transition may be much more smooth. It depends on several factors: age, skin sensitivity, etc. I have really enjoyed using the all-natural skincare products. My skin is smoother. I have noticed a remarkable disappearance of sunspots. And as someone who has experienced my fair share of sun, this is a pleasant change. I would highly recommend switching to anyone.

Will you be holding another workshop anytime soon?

Yes. Elizabeth and I will be holding another workshop in October. We will be discussing nutrition for skin health and all-natural skincare. We will also be making a selection of skincare products for you to bring home and try for yourself. (Oil-based Cleanser, Facial Toner and Moisturizer) The workshop with be held in October. Call The Wellness Center for more information.


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