Recipe of the Month: Epsom Salt Lavender Body Scrub


Who doesn’t love a nice, warm bath with essential oils and maybe some Epsom salts to relax away the tension? But, the sad truth is, we do not always have the time to soak for 30 minutes in that tub. You can use an Epsom salt body scrub in the shower and get many of the same benefits plus exfoliation. This scrub is easy to mix up and keeps well for a month or more (depending on oils used).

  • 3/4c Epsom salts
  • 3tbsp of cold-pressed vegetable, fruit or nut oil (I like rice-bran oil best)
  • 15 drops lavender essential oil
  • 2 tsp dried lavender flowers (optional, as they may be messy to clean after the shower)

Mix the oils, salts and optional lavender flowers together and place in an air tight jar. Use weekly in the shower to promote healthy glowing skin and relaxation.

(Not a DIY kind of person? Not everyone is, I understand. We also have our lovely salt scrubs available for purchase at The Wellness Center. Select blends are 10% each month!)

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