Setting Yourself up for Realistic Wellness Goals


Creating Realistic Goals

Each year you may embark on a new plan for a new you. You make a commitment to join a gym and eat healthier. With the best intentions, you start your way on this plan. Often this results in the inevitable backslide and then you give up all together. This does not have to be the norm. Rather than plans and intentions that set you up to fail ahead of time, spend time working on goals that are realistic for your life. And not just your Instagram life…

Start Small

Grand plans can be overwhelming. Investing in small steps from the beginning will help you process and integrate the changes you are trying to make in your life. Sure you read about it on a website and it sounded like a good idea. Then after several trips to the various stores to buy supplies and several attempts at complicated recipes later, you are tired and just phone it in. Not only is this is waste of resources, it does not get you to your end goal. Look at things you already do in your life and look to improve them. For example, do you really love your green smoothie at that little cafe every morning but it is full of sugar and not-so-nice ingredients? Investing in a good blender and finding some recipes for you at home would be a good step towards creating a wellness goal that in manageable and worthwhile. It is the small changes that build into large changes that make the most meaningful results.

Make Connections

Charts and graphs and lists can only take you so far when you are planning out wellness goals. While having a graphic reminder can be helpful, especially for you visual learners, but each item in your wellness plan should not be treated like it is a separate entity. You need nourishing foods to give you the fuel to rebuild and recover from starting an exercise plan. The exercise and healthful food will help to improve your quality and quantity of sleep. More sleep means a healthier you. It is all interconnected. You do not just do one thing for one result. Because of this, it is most helpful to create an interconnected wellness plan that has meaning to you.

Ask for Help

Just like your wellness plan is not made up of separate parts, neither are people. If you need help along the way, ask for it. Working with professionals in the fields of wellness is an investment in your overall health. Asking a friend to be a partner to you on your wellness goals will give you encouragement and accountability. Using resources like these is not an unnecessary luxury and they do not take away from the fact that you are the one doing the actual work. But they do make it easier for you along the way.



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