Setting Yourself up for Realistic Wellness Goals


Creating Realistic Goals

Each year you may embark on a new plan for a new you. You make a commitment to join a gym and eat healthier. With the best intentions, you start your way on this plan. Often this results in the inevitable backslide and then you give up all together. This does not have to be the norm. Rather than plans and intentions that set you up to fail ahead of time, spend time working on goals that are realistic for your life. And not just your Instagram life…

Start Small

Grand plans can be overwhelming. Investing in small steps from the beginning will help you process and integrate the changes you are trying to make in your life. Sure you read about it on a website and it sounded like a good idea. Then after several trips to the various stores to buy supplies and several attempts at complicated recipes later, you are tired and just phone it in. Not only is this is waste of resources, it does not get you to your end goal. Look at things you already do in your life and look to improve them. For example, do you really love your green smoothie at that little cafe every morning but it is full of sugar and not-so-nice ingredients? Investing in a good blender and finding some recipes for you at home would be a good step towards creating a wellness goal that in manageable and worthwhile. It is the small changes that build into large changes that make the most meaningful results.

Make Connections

Charts and graphs and lists can only take you so far when you are planning out wellness goals. While having a graphic reminder can be helpful, especially for you visual learners, but each item in your wellness plan should not be treated like it is a separate entity. You need nourishing foods to give you the fuel to rebuild and recover from starting an exercise plan. The exercise and healthful food will help to improve your quality and quantity of sleep. More sleep means a healthier you. It is all interconnected. You do not just do one thing for one result. Because of this, it is most helpful to create an interconnected wellness plan that has meaning to you.

Ask for Help

Just like your wellness plan is not made up of separate parts, neither are people. If you need help along the way, ask for it. Working with professionals in the fields of wellness is an investment in your overall health. Asking a friend to be a partner to you on your wellness goals will give you encouragement and accountability. Using resources like these is not an unnecessary luxury and they do not take away from the fact that you are the one doing the actual work. But they do make it easier for you along the way.



Product of the Month: Healing Hands Joint Repair B with Warming Mitts $35.00


The cold weather can exacerbate joint stiffness and arthritis. Our January Product of the Month is a combo package to help just that. You will get our new Healing Hands Joint Repair Balm with a set of Herbal Concepts Warming Mitts for $35.00 (a $43.00 value).

The balm contains:

  • Infused Olive Oil : willow bark, St John’s Wort, comfrey root, solomons seal and arnica with
  • Therapeutic Oils: andiroba oil, shea butter, beeswax, Vitamin E and meadowfoam seed oil
  • Essential Oils: Birch, Ginger, Clove Bud and Wild Orange

Use the balm to help to reduce stiffness and soothe inflammation. The warming mitts add additional therapeutic support.

(If you would like to try the balm, it is available in a tester in The Birch and Bamboo rooms! And we have the mitts to try, as well.)

January Specials at Heidi Ella Wellness and Massage


Welcome 2017! We at Heidi Ella Massage and Wellness are looking forward to another year of working with you to reach your health and wellness goals.

January Special

6-Month 60 Minute Maintenance Massage Package

Make the commitment to your body this January with the new 60 Minute Monthly Maintenance Package. With this package you will get a monthly 60 Minute massage session for only $80.00 per month. This package offers the ease of convenient monthly billing. If you would like to add repeat scheduling, you can easily set yourself up for 6 months of self-care. For more information or to schedule, call (571-224-5393) or email Heidi today!

New Wellness Items at Heidi Ella Wellness and Massage

Herbal Tea Trio

A custom-blended tea trio sampler (5.5 ozs (by weight) of our 3 new teas:

  • Reve: A floral blend of herbs designed to send you off to sweet dreams
  • Femme: A herbaceous and woody blend that is designed to balance and tonify
  • Joie: A minty and crisp blend that with uplift your mood

Herbal Joint Relief Salve

Heidi has created this salve with soothing herbs and restorative oils to help your aching joints.

The balm contains:

  • Infused Olive Oil : willow bark, St John’s Wort, comfrey root, solomons seal and arnica with
  • Therapeutic Oils: andiroba oil, shea butter, beeswax, Vitamin E and meadowfoam seed oil
  • Essential Oils: Birch, Ginger, Clove Bud and Wild Orange


Muscle Soak

Each 32oz bag (good for 8 baths) contains:

  • Epsom Salt: contains magnesium sulfate, reduces inflammation, relieves muscles aches and pains, soothes muscles cramps
  • Dead Sea Salt: contains magnesium, potassium and calcium chlorides, improves tone and quality of skin
  • Himalayan Pink Salt: contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron, promotes good circulation and prevents muscle cramping
  • Lavender: general relaxation oil for muscles
  • Peppermint: anti-inflammatory and cooling relief for low back pain
  • Basil: stimulates blood flow and soothes muscle spasms
  • Wintergreen: helps with muscle cramps and arthritis



Recipe of the Month: Herbal Bitters Tonic



The holidays are often a time of indulgence. Too much of this, too little of that and you can find yourself feeling out of sorts. Bitters have been used for centuries to promote healthy digestion. While many people associate them with an addition to cocktails, they also have several curative uses. They contain herbs (like angelica, licorice and/or dandelion) and aromatics (orange, lavender or ginger) that help soothe and restore over-taxed digestive systems. You can either make your own or buy a pre-made version (my personal favorite is Urban Moonshine).

Herbal Bitters Tonic

  • 8oz Sparkling Mineral Water
  • 1 tsp fresh pressed lemon juice
  • 1 tsp fresh pressed ginger juice
  • 1/4 tsp bitters

Mix and enjoy at room temperature. While there is the tendency to want to put this over ice, it will help the digestive system more to consume at room temperature. Enjoy this tonic once daily before or after a meal. Often the herbs in bitters are contraindicated for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Please ask you provider if you have any questions.

The Benefits of Gratitude


As the year draws to a close, it is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on gratitude. There is an increasing body of evidence that points to real physical and emotional benefit to establishing a practice of cultivating gratitude. You will be able to carry this practice with you throughout the year and see real benefit.

Benefits of Gratitude:

  • Improved physical well-being and sleep
  • Better relationships in every area of life (work, love, family)
  • Healthier emotional response and daily outlook
  • Increased self-esteem

As with establishing any practice, you will need to be consistent with your gratitude practice. But once established, you will find that it becomes second nature. Your go-to response, in even challenging situations, will come from a more gentle place of gratitude and acceptance. There are many different ways to establish a practice of gratitude in your daily life.

Cultivating a Gratitude Practice:


Essential Oil of the Month: DoTerra Holiday Joy


doTerra Holiday.jpg
Photo Credit: Sylvan Chiropractic

A bright and warming blend of Siberian Fir, Wild Orange, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Cassia, Douglas Fir, Nutmeg essential oils and Vanilla Absolute to get you in the holiday spirit. This essential oil is wonderful as an addition to salt scrubs, soaps or diffusers.

Get a bottle today!

Only $29.00 (with 10% off) for the month of December.

Fill your home with the scents of the holiday!

December at Heidi Ella Massage and Wellness


The holiday season is fast approaching. However you celebrate they are a time for coming together with loved ones and reflecting on the past year. It is a time to give and give gratitude to all the blessing you have received in the past year. We, at Heidi Ella Massage and Wellness are truly appreciative of the gift of working with each and every one of you this past year.

Specials for December 

Special #1:

Buy 2 Gift Certificates, Get a Free 30 Minute Massage Voucher

Buy 4 Gift Certificates, Get a Free 60 Minute Massage Voucher

Give the gift of wellness to your family and friends and you will get an opportunity to give back to yourself.

Special #2

We will also be offering a complimentary infrared foot sauna treatment with a cup of our new Calm Tea after your session for the month of December. Be sure to add the special 15 minute treatment to your massage to take advantage of this special offer.

New at Heidi Ella Massage and Wellness

Heidi and Janet have been working hard to expand the offerings at Heidi Ella Massage and Wellness. We will be introducing a line of custom-blended teas in the month of December. Each tea sampler available will offer specials blends that support your well-being, body and soul.

Look for the samplers soon in the display case in The Wellness Center. They make great gifts, too!

Recipe of the Month: Epsom Salt Lavender Body Scrub


Who doesn’t love a nice, warm bath with essential oils and maybe some Epsom salts to relax away the tension? But, the sad truth is, we do not always have the time to soak for 30 minutes in that tub. You can use an Epsom salt body scrub in the shower and get many of the same benefits plus exfoliation. This scrub is easy to mix up and keeps well for a month or more (depending on oils used).

  • 3/4c Epsom salts
  • 3tbsp of cold-pressed vegetable, fruit or nut oil (I like rice-bran oil best)
  • 15 drops lavender essential oil
  • 2 tsp dried lavender flowers (optional, as they may be messy to clean after the shower)

Mix the oils, salts and optional lavender flowers together and place in an air tight jar. Use weekly in the shower to promote healthy glowing skin and relaxation.

(Not a DIY kind of person? Not everyone is, I understand. We also have our lovely salt scrubs available for purchase at The Wellness Center. Select blends are 10% each month!)

Massage and Stress


Once someone said to me, “well, all you do is provide stress relief”. Well, besides that not being true, what is more important than that? Ask almost any person what is the most significant contributing factor to their well-being and they will tell you stress. Financial or familial, stress is every where in our lives. And it is not an exclusively negative thing. Without stress you would have never learned to walk or speak or have gotten through school. It is when stress becomes unbearable, that it becomes a problem. The nagging problems that follow you home from work. The breakdown in communication between you and a loved one. All contribute to providing negative stress response in your life.

Stress 101

What happens when we are stressed? In short the body prepares for “fight or flight”. This means energies and organ systems are converted to prepare to react to the stress. You may find your blood pressure rises. Your senses become more alert. The parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for relaxation and digestion, shuts down and your sympathetic nervous system takes over. This is a natural response and, in most cases, a healthy one. Once the perceived threat is over, your body returns to its previous relaxed state. But what if you are experiencing chronic stress? What if the body cannot tell the difference between a real threat and a minor one? This is where you see stress disorders and chronic illness.

Massage and Stress Relief

When stress overwhelms their daily life, many people turn to massage therapy as a means of relief. Massage can not only help with generalized muscle tension and trigger points, but with helping to lower blood pressure and balance hormones, as well. It can help to support and bolster the immune system to help the body better respond overall to stress.

Above and beyond the mechanical side of massage therapy, many people can benefit from the power of positive touch. In an increasingly disconnected world, positive touch can be very therapeutic. Research has shown support for the benefits of energy work, such as acupressure, in addition to more traditional massage modalities like Swedish and Myofascial Release.

Working with a qualified, license massage therapist regularly can help you to manage the every day stresses in your life. You will find yourself in a better mood, healthier and experiencing greater vitality. You cannot remove all stress from your life, but you can make it easier to manage. To quote Audre Lorde, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation..”. Make self-care a priority for yourself to manage your stress level.

Essential Oil of the Month: Lavender


The holiday season can be stressful. You can help by arming yourself with the gentle, yet effective essential oil, lavender. Many people associate its floral scent and beautiful, calming purple color with relaxation. It is also beneficial as a muscle relaxer and for pain relief. For the month of November, you can purchase a 5ml bottle of DoTerra Lavender Essential oil for 10% off the suggested retail price. Use it in a diffuser, in a bath, mixed with a carrier oil and rubbed on sore muscles or just inhale it as needed. With so many uses, you will find lavender is like a Swiss Army knife of an essential oil.

DoTerra Lavender Essential Oil

5ml Bottle

$25.20 for the month of November