Massage Specials for March



This month we are highlighting how to promote good digestion and a healthy microbiome. More and more research is pointing to the importance of establishing healthy gut flora and its effects on the body. We want you to feel good from the inside out!

March Special

15 Minute Abdominal Massage Add-On (Can be applied to any session 60 Minutes or More)

Abdominal massage utilizes gentle massage, castor oil and essential oils to clear stagnation and toxins from the body. Your therapist will also use soothing heat packs to boost the absorption of the castor oil and increase its ability to gently cleanse your system.

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Elizabeth Owens and The Wellness Center will be offering her popular Spring Cleanse workshop again. Be sure to sign up to learn how to introduce a gentle detox and clean eating into your daily routine.

You may have a bad taste in your mouth when it comes to the word detox — literally — but what if there was a different kind of detox? A detox that was gentle enough to rid your body of toxins, but robust enough to escalate your energy while nourishing your body. Bring a friend or five and register for the 1-hour workshop where you and your friends will walk away with a 3-day detox plan and recipes along with a wealth of knowledge to enhance your detox journey.
Whether you have digestive issues, suffer from fatigue, experience joint pain or have a few pesky pounds to shed, this cleanse, lead by Certified Nutrition Specialist Elizabeth Owens, is designed to kick-start the improvement of your symptoms and lighten the toxic burden your body faces daily.

It’s more fun with a friend! We encourage you to bring a friend/spouse/neighbor so there’s a solid support system heading into the detox, plus you save on registration!

You + friend = $50 total.
Plan on attending solo this time, $30 to register.

It’s time to clear out the body cob webs and start improving how you feel from the inside out. You can register here.

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